Restoration of Monumental and Easel Iconography

The title of the Baccalaureate programme: Restoration of Monumental and Easel Iconography
The academic degree/qualification: Bachelor of Orthodox Theological Science in the Restoration of Monumental Iconography

The Supervisor of the programme: Merab Buchukuri

The objective of the programme:

The students are to acquire the necessary skills for the restoration of monumental iconography;
They are to gain the proper theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the execution of work in the restoration of monumental iconography.
All the aspects which will equip the students with maximum of knowledge are considered in the programme. 
The graduates will be prepared to:

Execute a restoration and conservation of average complexity on a sample of monumental iconography which will be based on theoretical knowledge, on the knowledge of the chemical and technological features of materials and skills of their practical application;

Cognize complex issues of theological knowledge and foundations of iconography and restoration;

Organize in a systematic order the practical and theoretical experience gained in the process of doing the course;

While executing work on the restoration and conservation of monumental iconography, use modern materials and technologies of restoration, consistent with the old technic of monumental iconography; 

At the starting stage of work on the restoration and conservation of monumental iconography, while selecting research data, correctly draw conclusions which is indispensable for a successful execution of work on restoration;

Organize and carry out work on restoration;

Collect written and photo-video material on the examples of the restoration of iconography – analyze them and familiarize selected groups of restorers with them;

Organize a unified plan and display it at presentations;

Prepare the total technical-economical summary and justify it;

Organizing personal electronic archive and library;

In order to improve their professional qualification, skills and habits, deepen the knowledge by working in a day to day schedule;

Participate in conferences, championships, exhibitions and seminars.