Bachelor's degree

On the first stage of the higher education at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary (Baccalaureate), six programmes are employed: Theology, Christian Art Theory and History, Christian Psychology, Iconography, Restoration of Easel and Monumental Iconography and Ecclesiastical Architecture. Each of the programmes are conducted by experienced scientists and teachers, equipped with a profound knowledge of their specialties.

Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary is an educational institution where faith and knowledge coalesce. 

The objective of the Baccalaureate Programme of Theology is to prepare future clergy and well-qualified specialists of Theology. Upon the completion of the programme, a Bachelor is equipped with skills and efficiency in theology, proper for a further expansion of their knowledge by engaging themselves in the Master’s Degree Programme.

The Baccalaureate Programme of Christian Art Theory and History is unique. It stands out from other programmes of the like with its two dimensions - apart from the Theory and History of Art, it gives the students a good knowledge of Theology which helps them broaden their knowledge of Christian Art.

The Programme of Christian Psychology suggests as purely psychological so also theological subjects. The knowledge in which secular sciences and theology are combined enable the students to analyze challenges, which human beings have to face, not only from a psychological angle but also from a theological perspective.    

The Programmes of Ecclesiastical Architecture, Iconography, Restoration of Easel and Monumental Iconography, apart from ancient Georgian traditional methods, offers the students practical and theoretical experience of acquiring the knowledge, implemented in the higher educational institutions of foreign countries. The aforementioned programmes, upon the beginning of the process of learning, also encompass the involvement of students in practical tasks and, guided and supervised by experienced teachers, they paint icons, execute architectural works and restore old and damaged frescoes. 

The Rule of Admittance to Baccalaureate