Ecclesiastical Architecture

The title of the educational programme: Ecclesiastical Architecture

The degree conferred: Bachelor of Orthodox Theology in Ecclesiastical Architecture

The supervisor of the programme: Archpriest Besarion Menabde

The objective of the programme: 

Teaching of the entire cycle of layout planning from the beginning of the course (defining of the goal of the design) before the finishing of the realization of the project (delivering for exploitation). In the process of teaching, it is considered to equip the students with the basic knowledge for their specialty, also, to learn the skills for giving an expertise assessment to layouts and analyzing work prior to its beginning.

The graduates are prepared to:

To work on the architectural layout independently including its every stage;

Orientate freely in the adjacent parts;

Visualize the layout and its presentation for discussion;

Make up the layout of the task assigned and discuss it with the bidder for their approval;

Manage the project on every stage of its realization;

Select the initial material prior to the outset of the work; 

Complex study/analysis of the layout cite/territory;

Carry out elementary research process and organize the results in a system;
Prepare the explanatory letter for the layout and formulate conclusions in the process of supervision of the task;

Formulate the middle and overall summary in the process of supervision;

Prepare presentations in special programmes (Power Point and others) including the application of slideshow;

Construct and organize technical-economical account and verification, also, prepare the analysis prior to the starting stage of the task;

Organize in a system the experience gained during the educational process;

Organize their personal electronic archive and library; 

Identify priorities for the trends of related fields and activities with the goal of the acquisition of additional professional skills and habits;

Participate in competitions, conferences, exhibitions and seminars in architecture.