Enrollment Rules in the Doctorate

Admission to the Doctorate is announced by the Autumn Terms on the basis of the confirmed Doctoral program;
The  applicants wishing to be  admitted , are to  send an  application in the  written form addressed to the Rector in which the applicants  should refer to the relevant Doctoral program. The  further documents  should be  attached  to the application: 
A) Information  concerning education and  labour activities (CV);
B) A copy of the Identity Card;
C) A copy of the Diploma notarized, certifying  an academic  Master’s degree in Theology , or  the degree in a humanitarian scientific relevant field;
D) Recommendation on the  part of a supervisor  of the relevant  educational   program  and his  review  on the essay  submitted  by  the Doctoral Student in accordance with his speciality or  publication;
E) Letter of reference  by his  Spiritual  Father;
F) Two  photos ¾ and the CD;
G) The question of accepting the  candidate’s documents is settled by the Scientific Council;
H) Other  documents  that  can be required due to a  specific  program;
The candidate to the Doctorate is  required to know at least one  of the foreign  languages  (English, German, French, Italian ,New Greek or Russian) on the B2  level . The applicants submitting  diplomas   or  certificates proving their  B2 level are free from the examinations.  By decision of the Scientific Council  of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary  additional requirements may be taken into  consideration;   Enrollment in the Doctorate takes place according to the preliminary examinations in  speciality  and a foreign language  and their  examination results;  During   the process of enrollment  a special attention is paid to the  Academic knowledge of Master’s  program  (evaluation of their works and an appendix to the  Master’s Diploma); Decision  on the enrollment to the Doctorate is made by the Scientific  Council  and  confirmed by the Rector of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary;  In case of admitting a Magisterial students  to the Doctorate , the Rector of Tbilisi Theological  Academy and Seminary  issues an  individual, administrative legal act;  an experienced  researcher, the relevant high  level  scientific  supervisor is appointed  to help him ; a three- way contract  is  laid  between  the head of the Doctoral program and  the  Doctoral student.    Where duties  and rights of both  sides  are  defined . The Doctoral student’s  individual plan is a part  of the  contract. The  qualification paper of the  admitted doctoral  student is  confirmed  by the  Dissertation Board by the  majority  of voices.