For Applicants to the Doctorate in English (B2 level)

B2 is the third level of knowing the language. The student, who knows the  language at this level, should be able to cope with  essencial structures of the  language and use communicative  strategies relevant to  various situations. He already  possesses a better knowledge  of  Vocabulary and Grammar  in comparison with other levels. He has already  studied a full course of Grammar: The Noun (number, case), Article , Adjective,  and Numeral, Pronouns, Finite forms of the Verb: Present, Past, Future, Future in the Past Simple, Progressive, Perfect, Perfect Progressive, Non-Finite forms of the Verb: the Infinitive, the Gerund, the Participle, Model Verbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Conditional Sentences (three types), Direct and Indirect  Speech, Sequence of Tenses, word building  (suffixes, prefixes), Phraseology. He goes beyond  understanding factual information by separate points. As for writing He should be able  to form an  argument to describe some  events, to narrate, to write essays, convey his own ideas and speak on the  mentioned  questions.