Metropolitan Anania Japaridze on the TTAS Conference Dedicated to the 42nd Anniversary of the Enthronement

Metropolitan Anania (Japaridze) of Manglisi and Tetritsqharo said that the Church of Georgia is governed by a great figure, the Patriarch, whose equal the Georgians had only a few in history. “His Holiness, our Patriarch is a manifestation of the grace of the Most Holy Virgin, a gift to our nation.” Metropolitan Ananias remembered the day of his ordination as a hierarch, noting that he was one of the first clergymen to have been ordained by the Patriarch as a bishop. He emphasized that the Church had had to function in the most difficult circumstances in Georgia at the time. According to Metropolitan Anania, His Holiness, the Patriarch commissioned then many clergymen and scholars to study ecclesiastical issues. His Eminence noted that His Holiness was the figure with whose efforts autocephaly had been regained to the Church of Georgia and that his merit is the greatest of all in the existence of the independent Georgia. Our Patriarch’s contribution is invaluable, "it is the whole age," he said.

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