Speech Given by Mr. Giorgi Kvesitadze, President of the National Academy of Sciences at the Ceremony of Awarding the Title of Honorary Doctor

Your Holiness, this day is undoubtedly pleasant for you, but it is much more joyful for the academy, which is electing you as an honorary doctor. It would be very difficult for me, no matter how much time I would have, to even approximately appreciate your work, your special role in the history of our country, especially at this difficult time, when, God knows what would become of the country, if not your wise, restrained and measured leadership. 
You are an honorary academician of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia. Science has evolved from the Church in Georgia, and at none of the stages has it lost touch with her. Even today, at your wise instruction, the Academy performs the function assigned to it. We are happy that you are a member of our academy; this is one of the most significant topics, which our academy is proud of. I do not have the potential to express the gratitude that the Academy of Sciences feels for you.
You are our pride, you are our hope, you are our future and we have a very big request that this hope last for a very, very long time. Thank you very much!

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