The Rector's Meeting with This Year's Graduates

On June 29-30, Rector of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary, Protopresbyter Giorgi Zviadadze, PhD in  Theology and Philology, met with this year's graduates of the educational institution.

On June 29, a meeting was held with the students of the Faculty of Christian Psychology and the Faculty of Christian Art, at which the Rector, Father Giorgi Zviadadze, congratulated the students on the completion of the school and wished them success in their future activities.

The rector also noted that the relationship does not end there but continues as the school will cooperate with former students, supporting and assisting them, if necessary. Protopresbyter Giorgi Zviadadze thanked the lecturers and deans of these faculties for their special care for the students and for the successful conduct of the process of teaching. He also thanked the doctor of the educational institution who provides with daily consultations the students when her aid is necessary.

Two of the students, Tamar Nozadze, a graduate of the Faculty of Christian Psychology and Nanuka Ghavtadze, a graduate of the Faculty of Christian Art took the floor.

Tamar Nozadze:

“I am happy to be able to thank you for these amazing four years. I hope that in the future I will continue an unofficial process of learning with the highly qualified lecturers of this educational institution. Two advantages of this school ought to be marked out: one of them is that we, the students, really gain higher education, and the other is that we socialize with special people who enlighten us and teach us how to become better people, better friends and better citizens!”

Nanuka Ghavtadze:

"It is difficult to express in words the gratitude I feel towards Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary.

Today, I feel joy and sorrow at the same time. I find it hard to leave these walls. I promise, wherever I go, I will say that I gained this invaluable knowledge in this very school. Each of the lecturers is a role model for me!”

On June 30, a meeting was held with the graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of Theology at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary. The Spiritual Father of the educational institution, Archimandrite Seraphim (Chedia), Dean of Tbilisi Theological Academy, Archpriest Ioane Kvanchiani and Dean of Tbilisi Theological Seminary, Archpriest Teimuraz Mzhavanadze attended the meeting.

Protopresbyter Giorgi Zviadadze gave instructions to the graduates. The Rector spoke about the importance of the Divine Liturgy, the obligation of treating it with deference. He emphasized the importance of the responsibility that students, as individuals with a theological education, must have before the society. Protopresbyter Giorgi Zviadadze admonished the students to be grateful, honest, humble and polite.

The graduates were addressed by Archimandrite Seraphim (Chedia), Archpriest IOane and Archpriest Teimuraz. They congratulated them on their graduation and wished them future success.

The students, in turn, thanked the Rector of the school, the Dean’s Office and each of the lecturers for their highly qualified teaching, guidance and special attention they had been treated with in the seminary.

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