Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia

On June 30, 2020, a meeting was held in the administrative building of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, which was related to the possible future cooperation between the Ministry of Defense of Georgia and the authorized higher educational institutions of this country.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary: Archpriest Besarion Tsintsadze (Vice-Rector for Education) and Mr. Tsotne Chkheidze (Deputy Head of the Public Relations Office).

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia, Mr. Rati Bregadze. He introduced the initiatives and projects of the Ministry to the representatives of the authorized higher educational institutions (co-financing or scholarship for military servicemen or their children and the project "Our Army", which means providing information about the Defense Forces of Georgia).

Archpriest Besarion Tsintsadze noted that studying at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary is free at all the three levels, and not only the children of military servicemen are admitted to the programmes of this school, but also war veterans. Archpriest Besarion Tsintsadze and Mr. Rati Bregadze spoke about awarding of scholarships to the outstanding students of our school who are war veterans or children of military servicemen.

The representatives of the educational institutions put questions, expressed a number of interesting opinions and put forward their initiatives within the framework of the mentioned offer.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Rati Bregadze thanked the representatives of the higher educational institutions for coming and noted that the dialogue on the issues discussed today will be continued in the future.

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