The Event – “We Are Learning Foreign Languages”

On February 27 2020, at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary an event, titled “We Are Learning Foreign Languages” was held. The member of the Department of Foreign Languages PhD in Philology, Mrs. Tamar Nutsubidze conducted the event.
The aforementioned event was dedicated to the accentuation of the academic process of teaching foreign languages (Greek, Italian, English, German, and Russian) at this educational institution, the enhancing of students’ motivation for learning languages and developing of skills and habits for public appearances. The following teachers participated in the event: Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, PhD in Philology, Professor Yuri Mosidze, PhD in Philology Mrs. Juli Shoshiashvili, Assistant-Professor of TSU, PhD in Philology Salome Kenchoshvili, PhD in Philology Mrs. Marina Botkoveli, PhD in Philology Mrs. Lali Khuchua, Mrs. Naira Pilauri, Mrs. Nana Alibegashvili, Mrs. Nana Gelovani.
The Vice-Rector of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary, Archpriest Besarion Tsintsadze, representatives of the Public Relations Office, the dean and her assistant of the Faculty of Theory and History of Christian Art,  the dean and the students of the Faculty of Christian Psychology attended the event. The students who took part in the event, recited in foreign languages prayers, Greek maxims, Shakespeare’s sonnets, Pushkin’s poems, Galaktion Tabidze’s poem, titled “The Wind Blows” in Luigi Magarotto’s translation, etc.
The teacher of Greek, Mrs. Juli Shoshiashvili noticed: “The Classical languages – Classical Greek and Latin – for many centuries and even today represent one of the main components of European education. At the Theological Academy and Seminary, the Greek language of the Old and the New Testaments, which belongs to the post-classical period of Greek, is taught and is known as Byzantine Greek enriched with Christian elements…”
It was also mentioned that annually, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy announces financing of programmes for the Departments of the Italian Language the world over. In the spring of 2017, Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary participated in the programme and was granted finances. Within the framework of the aforementioned programme, teaching of the Italian language started at the Theological Academy in the autumn of 2017. The academic process was conducted by Mrs. Salome Kenchoshvili. The following third-year students of the Faculty of Christian Art Theory and History – Lika Tartarashvili, Maia Kilasonia, Ana Gusharashvili, Elene Mchedlishvili and Liza Kikvadze did a two-year course of Italian. They are given opportunity to participate in the scholarship contest announced by the Ministry of Foreign Languages of Italy at which students will be chosen for a further advancement in the language study by taking a three-month course in Italy.

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