The Speech Made by Archpriest Luka Khundadze

On the 12th of December 2019, Thursday, the third year student of Tbilisi Theological Academy (the Master’s Degree Department), Archpriest Luka Khundadze made a speech on the topic, titled: “The Reasons for the Convocation of the 7th Ecumenical Council” (supervisor – Archpriest Maxim Chanturia, PhD of Theology, Professor).
The speaker expounded on the circumstances in the Church of the Eastern Roman Empire, relying on the following sources: “Chronographia” of Saint Theophanous the Confessor, the life of Saint John Bishop of Goths, the Lives of Saint Plato the Confessor and Saint Tarasios of Constantinople, the letter of Adrian Pope of Rome sent to Charlemagne. In addition, Archpriest Luka Khundadze gave a survey of the history of Iconoclasm, of their main standpoints, and highlighted the Teaching of the Orthodox Church on the veneration of icons, as opposed to it. 

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