Revaz Tabukashvili’s Documentary “The Keeper of the Treasury of Georgia”

The Department of the Georgian Language and Literature of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary continues to organize cognitive-educational events. In this regard, a series of documentaries has been planned to be offered to the students this year. On the 8th of October, the first show suggested a film, titled “The Keeper of the Treasury of Georgia”. 
The documentary is dedicated to Ekvtime Taqhaishvili’s life – Ekvtime the Man of God, his life in a foreign country and efforts to safeguard the Georgian treasury. “This film is a small contribution to the recollection of Ekvtime Takhaishvili’s life in the years of refuge. We would not have been able to display to the full his boundless, unfathomable merit“,- remarks the director of the documentary. This show, too, is our “small” attempt to expand the students’ minds and facilitate the preparation of truly enlightened clergy.

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