A Defense of a Master’s Degree Paper

On May 29 2019, at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary, a session of the Scientific Council was held. On the agenda was the defense of the Master’s Degree paper of the student Givi Vashakidze. The paper, titled “The Strife of the Christian Church Against the Arianists” had been supervised by PhD of Philology, Professor Gvantsa Koplatadze and the Reviewer – Archpriest Iakob Chichilidze. The session was attended by the members of the Scientific Council of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary.
The Master’s degree seeker produced an annotation of his paper and his essential conclusions. Givi Shekiladze gave a survey of the issue discussed in his paper, specifically, of the essence of the heresy of Arianism, its origination and strife against it in the history of the Church. 
The supervisor of the topic, Professor Gvantsa Koplatadze spoke about its topicality in the history of theology. She mentioned that the Master’s degree student had thoroughly studied the scientific literary works written on the theme, and presented his own analysis. 
The reviewer, Archpriest Iakob Chichilidze, graded the paper as a one of high academic level and did not make any substantial remarks on it. The members of the Scientific Council put their questions to the student.
At the conclusion of the session, Givi Vashakidze expressed his gratitude personally to the Rector of the Academy and Seminary for his efforts in creating a conducive environment for successful studies and research work in this institution, to the supervisor of the topic, Professor Gvantsa Koplatadze for the help she had extended to him and to the reviewer Archpriest Iakob Chichilidze for his scrutiny into the paper and helpful advice.
The scientific Council gave a positive assessment to the paper.

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