Statement Made by the Academic Council

The Academic Council of Tbilisi Theological Academy extends gratitude to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mr. Irakli Gharibashvili. His special support to Tbilisi Theological Academy, founded by the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II, which even up to the present is under his constant care, made it possible to, on the one hand, successfully continue the substantive educational reforms started at this theological school, and on the other hand, to prepare the ground for a complete publication of the materially unique and highly voluminous scientific-theological book “Multilingual Bible” (“Bible Polyglot”), namely, the second volume of the mentioned work (out of the fundamental ten-volume edition). The above-mentioned book is planned to be published in a few months. It can be mentioned that such a voluminous scientific-theological edition has never been published in Georgian before. We especially emphasize that the mentioned work, due to the rich Georgian biblical material collected in it, is not only of great scientific-theological value, but it also has national significance because of the deplorable fact that the “Multilingual Bibles” published in European scientific centers do not so far take into consideration the richest Georgian material at all. The same tendency is, existentially, maintained today, as if there cannot be found any classical Georgian translations and editions of this most divine of all books published in the Georgian language, while it can be clearly said, that the Georgian-language biblical material, with its editorial and terminological richness and volume, exceeds greatly the one existing in all the other languages, at large. We suppose, the current situation shows how special Mr. Irakli Gharibashvili’s personal contribution is to the appropriate publication of this work (the second volume of the “Multilingual Bible”), for which the Academic Council of this school is deeply grateful to him.