The Letter of the Graduates of the Years 2009-2014 to the Theological Academy

We, the graduates of the years 2009-2014 would like to express our opinion in connection with the events directed against the Church and against the Theological Academy.

We should primarily emphasize that all of us are thankful to God for His great gift, which is to be the student of the Theological Academy. This is the educational institution where many clergymen have been educated, among them are our spiritual fathers who are devotedly serving to God in our Church and it is the fruit of their work that in all the corners of our country the number of people is increasing among the communities of our churches. We, too, entered this institution with their blessings. It is our wish to express our gratitude to them, especially, in these very difficult times. 

While being at the Academy, during our studies we saw an important improvement, an unarguable fact of paramount importance – our educational institution was granted authorization and was recognized not only in our country but also throughout the world.

Father Giorgi Zviadadze, personally, taught us two subjects, his part is significant in our spiritual and intellectual edification. We remember his words: When you graduate from the Academy and return to your respective regions, your will enlighten the people there and therefore you will be hated by the devil”. The fallen power always fought and still fights precisely against this enlightenment and the main target for him are not only those whose alma mater is this institution but, primarily, the place where the students acquire knowledge, which is the crucible of the future clergy. This place is where people are endowed with the light of Christ and where they learn the salvific Teaching related to the salvation of innumerable human beings.
The animation of this fight is connected with the fact that the Academy has been making improvements year by year, the Doctoral Department was founded, new publications were published, conferences are held, and literary works are translated. The academic process of teaching is permanently becoming more and more successful. We cannot overlook all of this and remain ungrateful to the administration and the teachers and professors of the Academy. With special love and respect toward some of them, here we mention their names: Mr. Edisher Chelidze, Archpriest Besarion Tsintsadze, Archpriest Maxim Chanturia, Archpriest Michael Galdava, Archpriest Shalva Kekelia, Mr. Griver Parulava, Mr. Revaz Siradze, Mrs. Nino Melikishvili, Mrs. Rusudan Tsikvadze, Giorgi Gvasalia, Irakli Orzhonia, Giorgi Todua, Giorgi Julakhidze, Father Irakli Akhaladze, who then was our Dean, and many others. These people applied all their efforts without sparing themselves to our education and now they strive for the advancement of the Academy, for the formation of every student as a well-bred young person. 
We remember the amazing words spoken by His Holiness: “I address every one of you, particularly the young people, preserve our originality, our traditional Christian way of life. Remember, the main battle with the evil power is won. The Lord says: ‘…be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’ (John 16, 33) So, fight in like manner our ancestors did, in order to defend your portion of Georgia in yourself and around you. Today, this battle is your Didgory, your Basiani”. This humble letter sent from us to the Theological Academy is the echo of these words. 

Glory and thanks to God for all.
We extend our gratitude to His Holiness for his love and his great heartedness and his merit before our nation. May God grant many more years of life to our beloved Patriarch.
We express our deep thankfulness to our Rector, Father Giorgi Zviadadze for his devotion and great love for the Church and for the Academy.
We also thank every person who have contributed to the advancement of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary onto a very high academic level.   
Cordially Yours,
The Graduates of the years 2009-2014