The healthcare service offers the students medical aid

The healthcare service, functioning at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary, is supplied with primary medications and items, necessary for the primary medical care. The doctors’ obligation is to provide their patients with first aid, control the sanitary and hygienic norms, prepare and control the menu of meals. With the blessing of the administration of this educational institution, the members of the service deliver free lectures on health care and prevention of diseases, rules for healthy life and issues of individual hygiene. Students are given regular consultations by the doctor. They learn elementary rules of first medical aid. The doctors advise them on questions indispensable for their preparation as future parents, and the students express their willingness to meet and have discussions with the doctors more frequently.

As concerns the hygiene and sanitary norms, this institution does everything, affordable within its infrastructural conditions, to improve the accommodation conditions for the students. The stuff of the medical service supervise the refectory and the bathroom; give out recommendations, which are carried out immediately. Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary has signed a contract with the sanitary firm, which regularly, every month gives disinfection to the building of the institution in order to prevent diseases. This process is supervised by doctors.

Every day students apply to the healthcare service with various problems. The doctors provide them with the first medical aid. Those, whose health conditions require extended treatment, are directed to the Hospital of Saint Joachim and Ann.
It should be noted that since 2014, 47 students of the Academy and Seminary had to undergo medical surgery. The patients are given treatment free of charge and in this generous work we are supported by the General Healthcare Programme.  
As concerns the dormitory of the Academy and Seminary, its hygienic and sanitary conditions are controlled within the possibilities of the establishment. A twenty-four-hour medical care is available for the residents of the dormitory, which is performed by the doctors of the Academy and Seminary. In any emergency, when the students apply to them, not only are they prescribed medications but also, in many cases, they are supplied with them.

The administration of the institution, clergy and members of the stuff always support the medical office with all necessary requirements. There has never been a case when any problems raised by the medical stuff were not taken into consideration, and were not responded by contributing to them with private donations. This generous activity is carried out by the selfless devotion of the head of the healthcare service, Mrs. Maia Losaberidze and its stuff and is supported by the benevolent atmosphere of the Academy and Seminary.