Visits to the Public Schools of Tbilisi

On February 6, members of the staff of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary visited Tbilisi Public School 150 and Tbilisi Public School 65. They had a meeting with the senior students of the schools. At the meeting, the guests gave the students information about our educational institution.
The Deputy Head of the Public Relations Office, PhD in Theology Mr. Tsotne Chkheidze, Assistant of the Head of the Department of Georgian Language and Literature, PhD in Philology Mrs. Khatuna Memanishvili-Kalandarishvili and the representative of the Faculty of Iconography, Restoration of Easel and Monumental Iconography, Mrs. Tamar Potskhverashvili were the members of the team.
At School 65, the assistant of the Dean of the Theological Seminary, Mr. Giorgi Metreveli joined with Mr. Tsotne Chkheidze and Mrs. Khatuna Memanishvili-Kalandadze.
The representatives of the academy spoke to the students about the goals of the educational institution and conditions for study. They learnt from the guests that apart from the study which is free of charge, students from disadvantaged families are supplied, within the possibilities of the Academy and Seminary, with necessary sustenance (a free of charge dormitory), which is an unprecedented suggestion nowadays.
Mrs. Khatuna Memanishvili-Kalandarishvili spoke to them about the staff of the professors of the department. Part of these members of the staff also carry out work of paramount importance at the National Centre of Manuscripts. The assistant of the Dean of the Seminary, Mr. Giorgi Metreveli gave the students the total information about the Baccalaureate programme in Theology; Mrs.Tamar Potskhverashvili spoke about the specifics of the work done at the Faculty of Iconography, Restoration of Easel and Monumental Iconography and those of the Faculty of the Ecclesiastical Architecture, trends of the programmes in these faculties.
The students received conclusive answers on every question they put to the guests. The objective of meeting with the students of public schools around the state is to acquaint the future generations with the foremost educational institution working in the bosom of the Orthodox Church of Georgia. The goal of this institution from its inauguration to the present day has always been to prepare staff with proper qualification for the advancement of the Church community.