Tea Nozadze’s Personal Exhibition

Today, on January 24, a personal exhibition of Tea Nozadze’s paintings has opened at Tbilisi Museum of History (in the building of Caravansary, Sioni St. no.8). Tea Nozadze is a graduate of 2019 of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary where she took the course of Christian Art Theory and History. 
It is a noteworthy fact that the present exhibition is not the artist’s debut; it is her fourth personal exhibition following the previous ones at the University of Drama, the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia and State University of Georgia. This exhibition has been arranged with the support of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary.
In the September and October of 2019, Tea Nozadze participated in the international exhibition of Europe held in Germany where she won the first place in the category of senior participants and was granted the “Prize of the Youth of Art”. 
Tea Nozadze is also an author of poems, and the paintings exhibited at today represent mainly an attempt of expressing the spirit of her poems on the canvas. The artist considers each of her paintings a new vision, a creation of something new, which determined the title of the exhibition – “Birth”.
Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary congratulates Tea Nozadze on her successful advancement along her artistic path, and guarantees every talented student that they will be supported in their creative work.
The personal exhibition will be held including January 26.